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The Medevac Podcast: Ep 017 Justin Governale – Stand-up Comedian [Video]

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The Medevac Podcast: Ep 017 Justin Governale – Stand-up Comedian

Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The Medevac Podcast. David Reid and Christian Meyers welcome former Marine and stand-up comedian Justin Governale. Justin recalls stories from his time in the service from the perspective of a young man being exposed for the first time and what kinds of activities and hobbies he now uses to keep himself physically and mentally healthy.

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0:00 – Intro
1:16 – Why did you join the Marines?
3:40 – Getting blown up for the first time
8:49 – Marines don’t cry
12:58 – Taking photos in combat
16:16 – Justin’s Purple Heart
20:28 – Incoming mortars
23:59 – Entertaining 24/7
26:43 – Follow Me
29:34 – Commercial
30:10 – Humor is a coping mechanism
35:03 – The Marine Corps made me gay
39:45 – Comedy and mental health
45:12 – The writing process
47:11 – Justin’s MMA career
53:33 – It’s Your Journey
57:27 – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as therapy
1:01:22 – Find your outlet
1:03:42 – Outro

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