🔴 TPUSA LIVE: TPUSA’s Thanksgiving Special! [Video]

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🔴 TPUSA LIVE: TPUSA’s Thanksgiving Special!

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Check out today’s show!

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discusses the fatal Christmas parade attack in Wisconsin, protesting and rioting that took place after the Rittenhouse verdict, Hunter Biden’s firm helped the CCP and more!

The TPUSA LIVE team is joined by host, Jon Root, and special guests Isabel Brown, Alex Clark, Stephen “MAGA Hulk” Davis, Paige Roux and Connor Clegg who will be cooking a turkey, sharing what they are thankful for and playing some games!

Freedom Papers host Morgan Zegers covers Federalist Paper #6 written by Alexander Hamilton diving into the benefits of a union between American states.

We will wrap up the show with POPlitics with Alex Clark as she talks about the bombshell news from Pfizer, her theory on Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship, plus a surprise announcement!