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Steve Brown | Setting the Record Straight | Steve Brown, Etc. | Key Life (Re-Upload) [Video]

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Steve Brown | Setting the Record Straight | Steve Brown, Etc. | Key Life (Re-Upload)

This week, Steve and the gang hang out and have some fun discussing their favorite SBE episodes of 2021. But first, there’s something important Steve needs to address…

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00:00 – Open
07:40 – Revisiting our conversation with Dan Stringer, author of “Struggling With Evangelicalism”
12:47 – Clarifying Steve’s previous clarification
15:23 – Matthew’s favorite SBE episode of 2021: Rachel Joy Welcher
22:08 – Matthew explains the five points of Cow-vinism (trying to make Steve a fan of Chick-fil-A)
24:08 – Cathy’s favorite SBE episode of 2021: Eric Mason
25:48 – George weighs in on Voddie Baucham’s new book, “Fault Lines”
29:34 – George’s favorite SBE episode of 2021: Ken Starr
33:30 – Jinx’s favorite SBE episode of 2021: Bobbi Jo Reed
37:50 – Steve’s closing thoughts
39:10 – Next week’s guest is…

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