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Chinese Dissident on Wokeness in America: In Many Ways, Youre Already in the Authoritarian State [Video]

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A dissident from China named Ai Weiwei was recently a guest on Firing Line, which, I honestly forgot was still a thing. Anyway, he had some fascinating views on political correctness.

He suggested that the idology of the left is reminiscent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

He also said that political correctness is making America an authoritarian state.

The Daily Wire has details:

Famed Chinese Dissident: U.S. ‘Already In Authoritarian State,’ ‘Dangerous’ Wokeism Like Mao Revolution

Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, a famed artist and activist, warned Americans during an interview that aired late last week that they are already under the control of an authoritarian state, they just don’t realize it yet.

Weiwei said that the situation in China has become “more extreme, in terms of censorship, in terms of their tolerance to dissidents.” He later added that he was not hopeful for China’s future given the direction that China is going.

Later, when asked about …