Waukesha vs Kenosha: More Media LIES & Hypocrisy – Will & Amala LIVE [Video]

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Waukesha vs Kenosha: More Media LIES & Hypocrisy – Will & Amala LIVE

0:00 – Will Calls 911
2:56 – TRAGIC Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack
18:55 – Jesse Jackson Protest for Rittenhouse Verdict
28:18 – ANOTHER Unbelievably Racist MSNBC Segment
39:35 – Australian Army Hauls the Infected to Gulags
44:25 – Head of NIH: Disinformation Spreaders Must Be “Brought to Justice”
48:05 – Dear Will & Amala!

On today’s show, Will & Amala are joined by Tim Ballard to react to the horrific tragedy in Waukesha, more leftist meltdowns over Kyle Rittenhouse, and the Australian army is taking people to quarantine camps? Plus we look back at the assassination of John F. Kennedy on its 58th anniversary today and answer your questions for Dear Will & Amala!

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5 Killed, 48 Injured in Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack

Darrell Brooks Was Out on $1,000 Bail After Punching, Driving Over Woman the Week Before

Brooks Posted BLM, Antisemitism, and how to get away with running people over

Police Press Conference on the Attack

The Left’s Unhinged Reaction to Justice in the Rittenhouse Trial Has Begun

Another MSNBC Racist Meltdown Over Rittenhouse

Australians sent to quarantine camp

Portland Refunds Police

NIH Director Demands Covid “Conspiracy Theorists” Be Brought to Justice

Today in history JFK: