HonestReporting Call to Action: Help End Vice News’ Biased Coverage of Israel [Video]

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HonestReporting Call to Action: Help End Vice News’ Biased Coverage of Israel

Vice News’ Inside the Final Days of a Father’s Life in Gaza claims to “uncover the tragic human consequences of the Israel-Palestine conflict through the death of Ahmed al-Mansi.”

But while readers and viewers are simply told that al-Mansi was a “father,” he was in fact identified by Hamas as one of its own — a lieutenant in the US-designated terrorist organization’s internal security forces.

Vice’s repeated lapses of journalistic ethics are on our radar. Over the last few months, HonestReporting has produced a series of articles exposing Vice’s seemingly systemic animus toward the Jewish state.

Indeed, our investigative work found that Vice pieces have been produced by journalists who harbor deeply problematic views.

Please take action by emailing Vice’s editor-in-chief Michael Learmonth to — politely but firmly — demand fair and balanced coverage of Israel and the Palestinian conflict.

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