Ahmaud Arbery JUSTICE, Based Truck Drivers, & Thanksgiving MADNESS – Will & Amala LIVE [Video]

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Ahmaud Arbery JUSTICE, Based Truck Drivers, & Thanksgiving MADNESS – Will & Amala LIVE

0:00 – The First Thanksgiving
3:17 – 3 Men Found Guilty of Ahmaud Arbery Murder
9:42 – Keith Olbermann Calls for Candace Owens Ban
12:45 – Debra Messing Calls Out MSM Lies on Waukesha
16:20 – JJ Watt Offers to Pay for Waukesha Victims’ Funerals
18:30 – American Truckers: “Hell No” to Vax Mandates
25:19 – Women’s March Apologizes for Accidental 1492 Reference
28:25 – Thanksgiving Throwback: Will in Headdress on Campus
33:10 – Will’s Trip to Navajo Reservation
39:30 – “Deprogram” Your Relatives This Thanksgiving?
41:28 – Only Vaccinated at This Dr’s Thanksgiving
43:01 – CBS: Have Hors D’oeuvres in the Garage
45:45 – NBC: Fight Inflation by Skipping Turkey on Thanksgiving
48:17 – Climate Change Thanksgiving
51:48 – Family Thanksgiving Bouncer to Check Vax Cards?
54:40 – Build Your Thanksgiving Plate
59:30 – Our Urban Dictionary Names

On today’s show: The three men charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery are found GUILTY, CBS recommends having hors d’oeuvres in the garage for covid safety, U.S. truckers say “Hell No” to vaccine mandates, and all of the hilarious Thanksgiving madness you can handle.

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NBC: Deal w/ Thanksgiving Inflation By Having No Turkey

Call FBI on your relatives

Table Empty at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Bouncer at Your House

Will Witt Harassed as Native

Will Witt Navajo

Women’s March Apologizes for Accidentally Referencing 1492