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Regarding Men

S4: E52 – Enlightenment and the Righteous Mind | Steven Pinker & Jonathan Haidt [Video]

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This episode was recorded on June 6th, 2021.

Dr. Peterson, Steven Pinker, and Jonathan Haidt sit down to discuss truth, how societies function, utopias, the role of religion, & more. Steven Pinker is a psychology professor at Harvard. He’s the author of Enlightenment Now and The Blank Slate. His 12th book, “Rationality,” is out now.

Dr. Pinker has received many awards and often writes for The Guardian and The NY Times. Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist at NYU Stern. His research focuses on the intuitive foundations of morality across cultures. He’s the author of The Righteous Mind and The Coddling of the American Mind. His next book, “Three Stories about Capitalism,” is expected by 2022.

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Regarding Men

Jocko Podcast 318: 318: Even When The Uniform Comes Off, You Have a Lot To Offer. With Micah Fink [Video]

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Regarding Men


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Regarding Men

Gab vs Gettr [Video]

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