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The Left Comes For TikTok’s ‘Digital Racism’ | Ep.50 [Video]

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The Left Comes For TikTok’s ‘Digital Racism’ | Ep.50

On this week’s episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Addison Pummill discusses one Texas University that asks the question “is Tik Tok racist?”

Students at San Diego State University attended an event called “Your Costume, My Culture: TikTok Edition” to examine what the speakers called a new form of digital racism and cultural appropriation.

“The event followed the normal agenda of leftists this Holiday season, warning students not to dress as anything that could come across as racially or culturally insensitive,” says Pummill. “But the more interesting idea here is that tik tok itself is spreading racism.”

Also on this week’s episode, Pummill invites YCT treasurer Andrew Le to discuss a pro-life event he attended. Pro-choice activsits crashed the event, screaming “F*** your God” and “I love sacrificing babies.”

Pummill also discusses a study that proves grade inflation is leading to higher graduation rates.

The woke tweet of the week comes from a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign professor who wants to cancel words and phrases ranging from “data” to “cancel culture.”


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Educators Exposed

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