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Dark To Light: A News Roundup Monday [Video]

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RumbleIt is a super busy Monday show where we go over all of the things happening around us. The family of the Waukesha terrorist makes a statement and the parents of the Michigan shooter are captured (how much more is there to THIS story???).

Then, we talk about a Gilead Remdesivir recall, VAERS information, the Cuomo brothers, and January 6th.

Julie Kelley will join the podcast Wednesday to discuss more about it. We also detail how they are attempting to cloak adverse events in normal everyday maladies, and much more.

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Crumbley arrested:

DA making up charges:

Tyrant DiBlasio and NYC:

mRNA anthem:


Stress causing heart issues:

Make sure to go to!! *Blue Monster Prep and our whole family have escaped out of California – before the wheels fall off – and we are now officially in Texas! To …

Regarding Women

Not ONE Body Found in Canadian "Mass Graves" [Video]

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Regarding Women

2022: The Human Trafficking Year [Video]

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