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Dark To Light: The Times.They Are A-Changin [Video]

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RumbleToday’s show was packed as we talked about the election results in Virginia and elsewhere, what it all means, and also what the big picture is.

Then, we move to the growing discontent surrounding mandatory vaccination. You will get an update on where the lawsuit we discussed on the show Friday is and also a bit of a glimpse into the amazing hearing that Senator Ron Johnson had just yesterday.

Make sure to check the show notes today for TONS of links and information. See you on Friday!


Van Jones:

Chuck Todd: Facebook rebranded as Meta – The Metaverse as an essential building block for the Great Reset Municipal workers in NYC – Get the jab or else

TechnoFog: CDC emails – Our definition of vaccine is “problematic” Sen. Johnson expert panel on federal vaccine mandates

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Regarding Women

Not ONE Body Found in Canadian "Mass Graves" [Video]

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Regarding Women

Florida Marches for LIFE [Video]

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