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Regarding Women

Dark To Light: We Circle It All [Video]

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RumbleToday’s show hits it all….. lawsuits, COVID, vaccines, Rittenhouse, and culture. We discuss a few lawsuits in-depth, we listen to some clips from the Rittenhouse trial, and we end the show with the slow degeneracy into what they wish was the “new normal”.

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LINKS WE Doxxed by dossier in Scottsdale – Parents outraged and terrified Huge win in Loudoun County

Libs Of Tik Tok in Twitter normalizing pedophilia

Sentara Healthcare

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Regarding Women

CANDACE OWENS: Kyle Rittenhouse Is INNOCENT [Video]

CANDACE OWENS: Kyle Rittenhouse should be found INNOCENT — here's why. Joe Biden is trying to crack down on American freedom with his tyrannical vaccine mandate. We’re not complying, and neither should you. Get 25% off a new Daily Wire membership with code DONOTCOMPLY: #CandaceOwens #DailyWire #KyleRittenhouse

Regarding Women

Not ONE Body Found in Canadian "Mass Graves" [Video]

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