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Jussie Smollett found GUILTY and Massive INFLATION – Will & Amala LIVE [Video]

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Jussie Smollett found GUILTY and Massive INFLATION – Will & Amala LIVE

0:00 – Why today is on a phone!
0:40 – Jussie Smollett Found GUILTY
6:35 – Q&A Round 1!
11:31 – What’s Going on w/ Inflation?
19:13 – How do we hold politicians accountable?
26:50 – First Thing Will & Amala Would Do As President
31:50 – Q&A Round 2!
37:52 – Showing off Our New Studio!
40:00 – Q&A Round 3!

On today’s show, Will and Amala discuss Jussie Smollett’s guilty verdict, the massive inflation we are seeing in America, they take your questions, and show you behind the scenes of our new studio as we transition to a new setup!

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Matt Walsh STUMPS Gender Activists on Dr. Phil - Will & Amala LIVE [Video]

SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW WILL & AMALA LIVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: 0:00 - Will Can't Get A Job2:29 - Austria Approves Vax Mandate 6:26 - Matt Walsh Debates Gender Ideology on Dr. Phil20:54 - DEBATE: Should We Call Political Opponents Evil?41:41 - Tearful UK Student: "Damage Is Done" by Mandates45:32 - Our NEW W&A YouTube Channel!46:55 - Reuters "Fact-Checks" The Great Reset51:47 - TBT: Religion & The Founding of AmericaWill & Amala react to Matt Walsh’s appearance on Dr. Phil to discuss pronouns with gender activists, two incredible students in the UK and the US speaking out about the damages of school mask mandates, and a new LinkedIn study that says the two fastest-growing job titles are around vaccines and DEI. Plus Reuters fact-checks the Great Reset and Will looks at religion in the founding of America for Throwback Thursday!Support the show with a like, subscribe, share, & text “LIVE” to 41776 so you never miss an episode.Follow us on social media: @PragerU @thewillwitt @theamalaekpunobi @taylortrandahlMatt Walsh Stumps Gender Activists on Dr. Phil w/ This One Simple Question! Pt. 2: “You Don’t Get Your Own Pronouns” Pt 3 Why Do You Care So Much? Male Trans UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas Intentionally Lost to Female Trans Swimmer Defeat Mandates DC Article Uses “Menstruators” Instead of “Women” for First Time Tearful UK Student on End of School Mask Mandate: “The Damage Is Done” US Student: “Thank You For Teaching Us Our Mental Health Is Less Important Than Making Triple Vax’d Teachers Feel Safe” parliament approves mandatory vaccines for adults​​ Study: #1 Fastest-Growing Job Title is Vaccine Specialist, #2 DEI Manager Reuters Fact-Checks the Great Reset Brianna Kupfer Alleged Killer Arrested, Was Out on Bond for Shooting Charge 25% of Wharton Students Thought Avg US Income Is Over 6 Figures


Fireside Chat Ep. 222 — "Believe Me, You Are Oppressed" [Video]

The left claims to speak on behalf of groups in America they label as oppressed or “marginalized” — even when those groups reject the left’s representations. Dennis offers three modern examples: The Washington Redskins, “Latinx,” and “racist” voting laws.🚨 PragerU is experiencing severe censorship on Big Tech platforms. Go to to watch our videos free from censorship!SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a new Fireside Chat! 👉📲 Take PragerU videos with you everywhere you go. Download our free mobile app! Download for Apple iOS ➡ for Android ➡📳 Join PragerU's text list!🔥 PRAGERU MERCH! Love PragerU? Visit our store today! ➡


Democrats Want to Make It Easier to Cheat in Elections | Hans von Spakovsky on Fox News [Video]

Hans von Spakovsky joined Fox News on January 16, 2022, to discuss the Left's push for voter legislation that would make our election process less safe. Hans von Spakovsky is an authority on a wide range of issues – including civil rights, civil justice, the First Amendment, immigration, the rule of law and government reform -- as a senior legal fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. As manager of the think tank’s Election Law Reform Initiative, von Spakovsky also studies and writes about campaign finance restrictions, voter fraud and voter ID, enforcement of federal voting rights laws, administration of elections and voting equipment standards.Check out his work here: haven’t subscribed to The Heritage Foundation on YouTube? Click here Follow The Heritage Foundation on Facebook: Follow The Heritage Foundation on Twitter: Follow The Heritage Foundation on Instagram:


LA Train Robberies Up 356% & CNN Considers Communism? - Will & Amala LIVE [Video]

0:00 - CNN Discusses Communism with Stalin1:54 - Will's Visit to the Site of LA Train Robberies14:33 - CNN Considers Communism?19:02 - Why Isn't Communism Hated Like Nazism?29:25 - Why Utopia Isn't Possible on Earth34:00 - TikTok Tuesday: Australian Propaganda40:28 - TikTok Tues: Victimhood Thru the Decades43:42 - TikTok Tues: COVID Classroom46:08 - TikTok Tues: John Cena vs. The RockOn today’s show, Will recounts his visit to the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles where 90 containers on trains are being broken into every day and discusses what’s behind LA’s rampant crime problem. Plus CNN asks if the government should control prices (aka Communism) and TikTok Tuesday! Support the show with a like, subscribe, share, & text “LIVE” to 41776 so you never miss an episode.Subscribe to Will & Amala LIVE: Follow us on social media: @PragerU @thewillwitt @theamalaekpunobi @taylortrandahlSign up for Will Witt’s Substack: Thewillwitt.substack.comCNN Asks: Should the Government Control The Price of Gas? Student Murdered at Work in the Middle of the Day Train Robberies Up 356% Union Pacific Begged LA District Attorney to Prosecute Train Robbers Canada Planned Parenthood: “Anatomy Isn’t Male or Female. It Just Is.” Family Court in Los Angeles Takes Vax Status into Account TuesdayLA Be Like Propaganda Kids Thru The Decades Classroom: Cena: