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Biden Shamelessly Uses Newtown Anniversary To Push For More Gun Control [Video]

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Biden Shamelessly Uses Newtown Anniversary To Push For More Gun Control

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Patriot Activists

Republicans Play Games With The 2A [Video]

The Senate filibuster is, without question, one the most important tools we have to stop gun control from moving through Congress and becoming law. However, anti-gun Democrats in Congress and President Biden are now threatening to remove the filibuster so they can pass their radical agenda.In this episode of Minute Man Moment, Phil explains how the filibuster works and why it is so important for protecting our rights on everything from voting to the Second Amendment. Anti-gunners in DC are so hell-bent on gun restrictions and confiscation that they will do anything to infringe on our rights -- even if it means breaking the rules.Keep watching for more and make sure you call your U.S. Senator and tell them to PROTECT THE FILIBUSTER!Join GOA: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter:

Patriot Activists

Sen. Friesen: "If any of you feel our federal government is not broken, I'd like to talk to you." [Video]

#ConventionofStates #ConventionofStatesNOW #ArticleV—Subscribe to our channel ▶ to Convention of States ▶ involved our merch collection—Follow us on social:👍 Facebook:🐦 Twitter:📸 Instagram:🗣️ Parler:

Patriot Activists

Critical Race Theory in American Schools [Video]

Critical race theory says racism permeates every American institution and exists to uphold white supremacy.Is this now taught in schools? ————To make sure you see the new weekly video from Stossel TV, sign up here:————Many in the media say it isn’t.But Asra Nomani used the Freedom of Information Act for force school districts to admit they’ve paid consultants millions to promote the teaching of critical race theory. One book teaches kindergarteners about America’s “violent white supremacy."Nomani calls it “state sponsored indoctrination.” “Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong,” says the president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten. One solution to this fight is school choice. Let parents take their tax money to a school they choose.

Patriot Activists

COS Live! Ep. 192: Massachusetts Hears Convention of States [Video]

Dozens of Massachusetts patriots testify before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs which considered our legislation calling for an Article V convention to propose term limits, fiscal restraints, and limits on federal power. Share the petition ️➡️