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Regarding Men

How to Escape Headlocks | Lovell vs. Yashka Drago ☠️ [Video]

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How to Escape Headlocks | Lovell vs. Yashka Drago ☠️

Today, John introduces Yashka Drago and headlock escapes. Drago teaches our Combatives classes as well as some 1 Man Room Clearing Classes.
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Regarding Men

Jocko Podcast 318: 318: Even When The Uniform Comes Off, You Have a Lot To Offer. With Micah Fink [Video]

Underground Premium Content: the conversation on Twitter/Instagram: @jockowillink @Heroes and Horses @echocharles 0:00:00 - Opening0:04:53 - Micah Fink.4:17:30 - How to stay on THE PATH.JOCKO UNDERGROUND Exclusive Episodes: Store Apparel: https://www.jockostore.comJocko Fuel: https://jockofuel.comOrigin Jeans and Clothes: Front: 4:38:50 - Closing Gratitude.

Regarding Men

Gab vs Gettr [Video]

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