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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 59) [Video]

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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 59)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:
0:00 – Introduction
1. 0:46 {How to “Take Every Thought Captive”} What does it mean to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” in 2 Corinthians 10:5? What are some examples of how we can live this out?
2. 9:04 {Advice for a Difficult Church Situation} My daughter and her father-in-law visited the church I attend. They brought my 3 month old Grandson who was making loud sounds. One of the attendants asked them to leave. Now I have mixed feelings about this church. Should I continue to attend?
3. 11:08 {Can Remarried People Serve in Church?} A divorced lady in my church recently got remarried to someone else. The church is not allowing remarried couples to serve in any area of the church. Is this biblical?
4. 14:03 {Why are there Sacrifices if Jesus is our Sacrifice?} Why are there sacrifices (more specifically, sin offerings) in the millennial temple on Earth (ex. Ezekiel 42: 13)? I don’t get it since Jesus was the final and perfect sacrifice.
5. 20:07 {Surrendering to God when it’s Difficult} I’m double-minded and depressed. I want real salvation but have a hard time fully surrendering. Good works and prayer feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. Any advice?
6. 24:14 {What is Love, According to the Bible?} Define love according to the Bible. Is it a feeling? Act? Choice? This is very important to me because it will inform how I view if I was loving or not in situations.
7. J. 30:42 {Does Sanctification Continue in Eternity?} Do you think sanctification is complete upon our death and resurrection, or do we continue to “improve” throughout eternity?
8. 32:57 {How to be Calm & Kind on Social Media} I often find myself being rude on social media. I don’t mean to be, but it just gets the better of me. How do you approach people, consistently, in such a loving manner?
9. 36:12 Angels, Free Will, & Did God Command Satan to Rebel?} How would you react to someone who claims that angels don’t have free will, and that by extension, God commanded Satan to rebel? Hoping to address the issue and the heart here, thanks!
10. 39:41 {Biblical Help when Struggling with Infertility} I recently have had intense disappointment and grief in my life re: fertility and am struggling with not knowing God’s path for my life. Do you have any biblical help to heal and move forward?
11. 42:26 {Is Luke a “Social Justice Gospel”?} The book of Luke is being described as the “social justice gospel” in Progressive circles. What do you think about Luke being described as the social justice gospel?
12. 46:00 {About the Vows in Numbers 30} What specific examples of vows or oaths do you think Numbers 30 was referring to?
13. 50:16 {Refuting WMSCOG Theology} I was approached by the Mother God cult in a department store, and they used Galatians 4: 26. How could I bring clarity to this verse for them next time?
14. 56:22 {Should we Choose a Denomination Right Away?} I’m a new convert. I love God. However, since I’m a new convert I haven’t “chosen” a denomination yet. Must I hurry and choose one? Right now, I’m just happy reading the Bible, believing, and praying.
15. 58:44 {About “Seal” & “Deposit” in 2 Cor.} What is the meaning of the words “seal” and “deposit” in 2 Corinthians 1: 22?
16. 1:02:18 {Lovingly Calling Out Sin} How do I love and exhort a close family member who knows & believes the Gospel but doesn’t seem bothered by some sinful choices (e.g., going to rowdy parties, getting drunk)?
17. 1:06:41 {About Leviathan} What are your thoughts on Leviathan? Do you believe he is an actual creature, or more symbolic? Where is he now?
18. 1:14:48 {What if I Don’t Live near a Bible-based Church?} What do you do when there are only Jehovah’s whiteness, Catholic, and extremely Progressive churches within a day’s drive of where you live?
19. 1:15:33 {What to Do when a Spouse Turns from Faith} What advice do you have for a man who married a Christian but she has turned away from the faith? I struggle with feeling betrayed by her and God, and I worry about raising our newborn in the faith.
20. 1:20:38 {Modesty according to the Bible} What do you believe is the standard of modesty, biblically?

To get a question answered live just wait until after the stream begins, post a question in the live chat starting with the letter “Q”, make sure it’s clear and wait to see if it gets in.

This is the Friday live stream where I take 20 questions from viewers and do my best to give a biblical answer. Every Friday at 1pm Pacific time. (well, almost every Friday. The next one isn’t until Jan 7th 2022)

Here’s my website with a new clip search feature for finding exactly where in a video a particular issue is addressed.


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