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Sam Shamoun On the Holy Spirit [Video]

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Sam Shamoun On the Holy Spirit

Here is a video of Sam Shamoun speaking about the Holy Spirit, and how we should be submitting to His guidance and wisdom at all times.

He goes over John 14:26 and other scriptures to explain the role of the Holy Spirit.

Sam Shamoun is best known for his debate against Shabir Ally as well as his work with David Wood who used apologetics to bring Nabeel Qureshi to Christ. You can also view this video on David Wood’s Youtube channel, Acts 17 Apologetics.

Check out more of Shamoun’s videos at For more Sam Shamoun teachings, go to:

and check out his popular YouTube channel “Shamounian”.

My (Welcome to Truth) Christian evidence journey began at the age of 33. I first got into Apologetics watching Ravi Zacharias videos (before the drama), and that put me on to Nabeel Qureshi. I read Nabeel’s book which talked about David Wood. I got to meet him as well as Sam Shamoun in 2019. My mentor (Joe Mulvihill) told me to read books like “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist” by Frank Turek, Tactics by Greg Koukl, and Jesus resurrection books by Gary Habermas and Mike Licona. I read philosophy books by C.S. Lewis, and science books by Michael Behe and Stephen Meyer, as well as others at the Discovery Institute. I discovered William Lane Craig from Reasonable Faith and Hugh Ross from Reasons to Believe. Since then, I have read many books, ranging from Dinesh D’Souza to J Warner Wallace, who wrote Cold Case Christianity. Of course, I read Case for Christ by Lee Strobel back in college , but I didn’t care as much about apologetics until just a few years ago (2017). Today, I enjoy other apologetics channels like “Whaddo You Meme??” and the channel by Mike Winger.

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Abraham NEVER Visited Mecca or the Ka'ba - The Ka’ba Problem - Episode 3 [Video]

If the Ka’ba and Mecca were so important in Abrahamic history, shouldn’t we find evidence supporting these claims? Yet, Abraham’s journey is much too far north. He never sojourns through Arabia. If he was connected to this region as Islam claims, both Christians and Jews would also find Mecca and the Ka’ba to be of great mutual importance, yet neither acknowledge any history or evidence of this being true. Watch as Al Fadi and the Apostate Prophet sift through truth and falsehood.Featuring Apostate Prophet: Join this channel to get access to perks and early premieres of videos: CIRA International: Facebook: http://www.cirainternational.comSupport Al Fadi:Patreon: CIRA InternationalCIRA's mission and goal is to; create awareness about Islam as a religion and political movement; inform and challenge the Church concerning outreach and evangelism to Muslims, equip the believers with effective outreach tools, and advance the Gospel message among our Muslim neighbors & communities so that the vast majority of Muslims will begin a Gospel conversation with a Christ-follower.CIRA exists to mobilize the Body of Christ across North America, and globally, to more effectively reach Muslims with the Gospel, by discipling and equipping believers, and by empowering church and community leaders to influence the Muslim world for Christ.


Bob gives his reasons why he is not a Muslims ll Muslims attempt to justify owning people as slaves! [Video]

To contact Bob directly: (responses may be slow) Join me on Patreon: blog (support me here):​Original footage from SOCO Films:​Speakers Corner - London UKShot & Edited: Soco FilmsPost: Soco Studio


Call in Night || Debate & Discussion || Is Jesus LORD? || @Jai Apologetics [Video]

To link to call in us via Skype: DCCI Ministries Email us: Follow us on Twitter: us on our blog: https://www.dcciministries.comFollow us on Rumble you would like to invite us to speak in your church or university, with training and debating help kindly email To support the work of DCCI Ministries Ministries seek to preach the Gospel to Muslims using apologetics and polemics. Like the Apostle Paul, "we do not use deception, nor do we distort the Word of God" (2 Cor 4:2). Rather "we demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God." Our motivation is love for Muslims to bring them to repentance and faith in Christ for eternal life.*Disclaimer- Speakers Corner, London UK, is a unique place in the world for freedom of Speech. Debates and dialogues on this channel is the expression of freedom of speech by all parties in their debates and discussions. Therefore all that has been said in the videos is not necessarily the opinion of DCCI but the expression of Freedom of Speech.Please do not post weblinks in the comments as they will be marked as spam and your comments will not be published.


This Week in Jihad (LIVE with Robert Spencer, 8:00pm ET) [Video]

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