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Champions for the Brokenhearted Gala – with Nick Vujicic [Video]

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Champions for the Brokenhearted Gala – with Nick Vujicic

“Champions for the Brokenhearted Gala – with Nick Vujicic” can be viewed in multiple languages at for all closed captions. This was hosted by Ashley Bratcher, whose prolife story was featured, November 9, 2021 in The Hope Center in Plano, Texas.

Life Without Limbs: Nick Vujicic Ministries champion the cause of the brokenhearted and declares the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ around the world. See the premiere of our new translation technology.

0:00 Welcome by Ashley Bratcher
1:25 Prayer by Jaco Booyens
3:09 Vision and Videos of Nick’s world travels in school, at stadiums, and in prisons
5:02 News of the Corona virus
5:35 A sample of our new AI technology with Speak to the Nations
6:45 Nick when he was 19 speaking
6:54 Champions for the Brokenhearted 2022 helping the trafficked, the unborn, the disabled, the prisoners, the orphans, the widows, the abused, the addicted, the suicidal, the bullied, the veterans, and the poor.
7:38 Never Chained Talk Show interviewing world experts on these topics
8:38:02 Ashley Bratcher and Nick Vujicic Interview – “Never Chained” Talk Show
27:11 Prison Ministry with Jay Harvey at Life Without Limbs
29:49 “The Least of These” song composed and sung by Jay Smith
36:44 Nick’s talk on multiple topics
1:24:00 Curtis Hail ending challenge from Romans 12:1 to be a living sacrifice for Jesus
1:28:10 PromiseKeepers
1:30:00 CV Global partnering with Nick Vujicic for translation outreach

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