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Why do Academics fear Luxenberg & Luling so much? [Video]

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Why do Academics fear Luxenberg & Luling so much?

Why are Academics so critical of Christoph Luxenberg’s “The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran”, and Gunther Luling’s “A Challenge to Islam for Reformation”, two books which prove that much of the Qur’an was derived from previous Christian Aramaic Lectionaries, Homilies and Hymns?

Western Academics like Angelika Neuwirth and Francois de Blois are scathing against Luxenberg and Luling. Yet, as academics themselves, this makes no sense, since what Luxenberg and Luling are doing is simple textual criticism of the Qur’anic text, which is an exercise that they employ themselves with other texts.

So, why do the Academics dismiss these two scholars so quickly?

It seems that academics like Angelika Neuwirth, one of the leaders of Islamic Studies in Germany, though they use the same textual methods Luxenberg and Luling use, they don’t go nearly as far as them, nor choose to come to the same conclusions as these two scholars, and so simply nit-pick by suggesting that they wouldn’t agree on some of their interpretations of certain Aramaic words, and suggest that what they do will upset Muslims needlessly.

But why make such nonacademic claims such as these? Isn’t that the remit of scholars, to find out where certain mysterious texts came from and prove their antiquity from earlier sources?

Possibly it’s out of fear of upsetting the Muslims in Germany, or in the countries where they still need to go to continue their research, or maybe it could be that their departments where they work are dependent on funds from the Muslim countries which sponsor them.

Others, like Francois de Blois, who don’t have the academic credentials of Luxenberg & Luling choose to simply criticize them without using any textual analysis, possibly because they really don’t understand what they have done, or choose not to delve into their theories too deeply, so employ ‘ad hominem’ to try to shut them down instead.

Whatever is the reason, similar areas of studies in other non-Muslim religious texts do not show such fear or hatred towards individuals who are breaking ground in new and exciting areas of research, suggesting that only in Islamic studies is this type of censorship evidenced.

Nonetheless, the younger academics who are now coming into universities in Europe and the US are beginning to look at Luxenberg and Luling anew, realizing that they have something special and substantial, which can’t be simply dismissed with vitriol and personal opprobrium, laced with fear.

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