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A Conversation with Christine and Nick Caine : “Never Chained Talk Show” with Nick Vujicic – Ep. 102 [Video]

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A Conversation with Christine and Nick Caine : “Never Chained Talk Show” with Nick Vujicic – Ep. 102

A Conversation with Christine and Nick Caine: “Never Chained Talk Show” with Nick Vujicic – Episode 102 features Nick Vujicic in conversation with Nick and Christine Caine about their work with The A21 Campaign to eradicate human trafficking around the globe.

In this in-depth interview, Nick uncovers the story behind A21 and its work to rescue survivors; from a raid that rescued ten girls in Uzbekistan to an intervention that stopped a cross-border operation from North Africa to Greece. Hear from Christine and Nick as they work to abolish modern-day slavery in the 21st century.

As a part of our 2022 Champions for the Brokenhearted campaign month, Nick will interview world experts on a new topic. For the month of January, we are focusing on the topic of human trafficking.

0:00 Welcome/Intro
5:14 Christine’s Testimony
9:32 Nick Caine’s Testimony
12:27 What is A21?
16:30 Feeling convicted to get involved
18:00 Called and chosen
24:00 Human trafficking in the world today
27:00 Restoration and aftercare support
31:00 Powerful testimony of a rescue
41:24 The connection between pornography and trafficking
44:00 God’s heart for trafficking
47:00 Would you let this happen to your daughter?
50:10 You are made in the image of God
54:00 How to get support
59:40 End prayer

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