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Regarding Women

The Verdict from Covid: Feminism FAILED, Healthcare Sucks, Freedom Wins [Video]

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The Verdict from Covid: Feminism FAILED, Healthcare Sucks, Freedom Wins

In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the failure of modern feminisms rabid and insane egalitarian claims. Children’s learning lags behind, and many people witnessed the failure of multigenerational promises built on debt and social pressures.

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Regarding Women

Katie Hopkins THANK YOU CANADIAN TRUCKERS - full credit to all of you and the owner of this video [Video]

Katie Hopkins on...

Regarding Women

CANDACE OWENS: Kyle Rittenhouse Is INNOCENT [Video]

CANDACE OWENS: Kyle Rittenhouse should be found INNOCENT — here's why. Joe Biden is trying to crack down on American freedom with his tyrannical vaccine mandate. We’re not complying, and neither should you. Get 25% off a new Daily Wire membership with code DONOTCOMPLY: #CandaceOwens #DailyWire #KyleRittenhouse

Regarding Women

Not ONE Body Found in Canadian "Mass Graves" [Video]

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Regarding Women

Trish: Do They Really Expect Us to Believe That? [Video]

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