Everyday I wake, I can choose to be angry over politics or thankful for …

Honestly, as a broken and bruised ‘happy warrior’ I find it difficult to stay connected to God while everything around me decays. It’s a strange feeling – one which makes me ponder scripture verses like Psalm 51 – and residing in Upstate New York you’d think nearly half the country has gone mad.

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit …”

Psalm 51:12

Thankfully I’m quickly reminded of the many blessings God has bestowed upon me despite myself or my circumstances. Make no mistake, I’m not suggesting any form of superiority or ‘super-spirituality’ – for whatever that means. I’m just a mere human – and like all of us I struggle to stay connected and simply grow weary of the media bias fueling division throughout our country. It’s nauseating to say the least, especially when you can spot the obfuscation and misdirection. Does Albany Broadcasting actually believe this stuff? No matter, payment for propaganda is on the menu and the media monster is always hungry. It’s a never-ending news cycle filled with agendas … and I find my peace in bite-sizes from Bible readings and prayer to watching some of my favorite video content creators.

Today I watched a video from Dr. Jordan B. Peterson – one of my absolute favorite people. I love watching his videos – he appears to be a warm, approachable seeker – in addition to prolific author, podcaster, youtuber, clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson is the real deal – in my humble opinion – especially if you enjoy logical thinking from intelligent, compassionate people. Sadly, most far-leftist ideologs don’t like Jordan because he refuses to comply with compelled speech in Canada regarding transgenderism and his mission in life (in-part) seems to be encouraging young people into building strong, courageous lives worth living. Personally, I find this heroic and noble, characteristics any decent young person values – hence the explosive popularity of Dr. Jordan B Peterson.

has an extensive library on YouTube (until of course Google and Alphabet decide to fully censor him – a day they will truly regret). He’s also found on Rumble, Soundcloud and no doubt soon-to-be other new media platforms.

Peterson videos include personality and Biblical lectures, videos from his ’12 Rules for Life’ world tour, news and culture videos, videos with his daughter and last but not least – although typically my favorite: Peterson’s long-form interviews.

This Peterson video (titled Cruelty and recorded November 10, 2021) features native artist, Charles Joseph – known for his masks, totems poles and canoes – please see Charles Native Art website for details.

Dr. Peterson begins his video with a warm introduction of Charles Joseph as his long-time “friend and brother … and member of the Kwakiutl people (who’ve­ lived through thousands of years on what is now the West Coast of the Canadian Province of British Columbia).”

Peterson continues the almost hour and a half interview in a riveting dialog with Charles as he explains the inspiration behind his artistry (totem poles, masks and other native works found in homes and businesses around the world).  One special totem pole stands 50 feet tall in front of the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and tells the story of childhood trauma and healing – titled “Residential School Pole.”

RESIDENTIAL POLE STORY: The Whale, Raven, Bear Spirit, Northern Fox, Kolus

As a Bible-Believing Christian, I’d like to Humbly Apologize to Charles Joseph

As a young child, Joseph was very ill and ended up living in a residential home (please read article link above or watch the interview video below for more details) where he endured many years of abuse and neglect from people professing to be Christians. Sadly, none of these people ever opened the Bible to Charles – or ever allowed him to feel the true love of God.

My heart broke as I watched Charles interview with Dr. Peterson. I was broken due to his scars sustained at the hands of Christians and I was broken due to my own childhood trauma. I related to Charles seeking isolation and the years he spent in guilt and shame. As another child recognizes a friend, I recognized deep wounds which I myself have endured. As a survivor and overcomer, I recognize the value of Charles and his faith. These are the moments I am glad to have read books like ‘Black Elk Speaks’. But as a Christian, I am broken when I too am a poor witness for Christ. With poor eyesight I find it difficult NOT TO USE CAPS when utilizing live chats or social media – hence my current absenteeism due to censorship – never mind, I digress. 

The conversation was also very beautiful as Dr. Peterson warmly and compassionately allowed his friend to share his heart with us. In the end, I joined Peterson as he cried and truly agreed with him when he told Charles about “…the horrible hand of history … there’s a lot of malevolence in the world and we have to do our best to live with it.”    


Did You Know God Loves to Showcase His Mercy?

How would we live our lives if we truly understood that our purpose is to love Him and to love His reflection in our neighbors? The truth is we are chosen, loved, welcomed, counted holy and blameless because of what Christ accomplished on the cross for us. Jesus said “It is finished” (John 19:30) and He alone paid the price for us to be received by His Father in eternity.