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We Don’t Have To Wear Masks Anymore! [Video]

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We Don’t Have To Wear Masks Anymore!

“Starting tomorrow we don’t have to wear masks anymore. Is anybody excited!” said a Las Vegas teacher to her class.

Las Vegas elementary school students cheered and jumped for joy when they were told that they didn’t have to wear masks anymore. This came after Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak had rescinded the Nevada’s COVID-19 mask mandate earlier in the day.

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Ben Shapiro REACTS To The "2000 Mules" Documentary [Video]

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How the WHO's 'pandemic treaty' could CONTROL governments [Video]

On May 22nd, the World Health Assembly — which is the governing body of The World Health Organization — will meet in Switzerland to discuss next steps for its ‘pandemic treaty [and its] quest to use public health to expand The WHO’s power over sovereign states,’ Daniel Horowitz reports for TheBlaze. He explains how certain amendments to be added to this treaty could ‘allow the director-general of the WHO to declare a public health emergency in a country and unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions.’ The far-left and global elite continue to destroy our sovereignty, Glenn says, and this is just one more step toward their desired global government. Read more: Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:

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BOYCOTT Target: New Pride Collection Crosses a Huge Line | @Allie Beth Stuckey [Video]

Target is now selling chest binders, packing briefs, compression tops, & more with their new collaboration with 'TomboyX'. Allie Beth Stuckey asks: Does Target care about any repercussions from encouraging this? Definitely not. And what about them selling shirts that say "love yourself" & then other clothing items that are a form of self-hatred? Hmm. This time Allie's saying bye bye, Target — you've crossed the line! WATCH more Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey: #alliebethstuckey #target Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! Join BlazeTV! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: with us on Social Media:

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Left FREAKS OUT After Decision Leaked to Overturn Roe v. Wade | The News & Why It Matters | 5/3/22 [Video]

Politico leaked a SCOTUS decision announcing the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and somehow the Left has made it about filibustering, court packing, and ... interracial marriage? AOC's "squad" says abortion is a "fundamental human right." And lastly, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is visibly SHAKING over this new news from SCOTUS!Today's Sponsors:Tell mom how much you love her — and make sure she hears it in crystal-clear audio quality, with Raycon. Go to to get 15% off your Mother’s Day order!The FBI calls home title theft one of the fastest-growing white-collar crimes. Visit Home Title Lock at and get peace of mind that the deed to your home is protected. Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! Join BlazeTV! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER: with us on Social Media: