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Lynn’s Warriors Live in NYC [Video]

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Lynn’s Warriors Live in NYC

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Warriors, I wore black today. I am in mourning for how our country treats our precious children. We must come together and discuss all of these issues of exploitation facing each and every one of us and our families, especially as we enter Web3.0 and metaverses. The time is now. It’s here.

Join the Warriors Live in NYC on Thursday, March 10 at 6PM. I’m hosting a panel discussion:
Human Trafficking Realities and Solutions: The Medical, Legal and Survivor Advocacy Perspectives
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We need all of you. We cannot do this alone. There is no choice. You must become a “Warrior” in your own home and community and learn how to protect your children and yourselves.

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Today’s reality is that we must all become Digital Warriors. The Internet is broken. How does this affect you and your children? You must inoculate your children against these lurking online predators always looking for a vulnerable child. The predators hang out where the children and young adults are and today, this is online. You must begin building digital trust in your own home with your child.

Don’t panic. There’s help to navigate these dark waters. Please go to Safety filters, Apps, free webinars and newsletter, books and more. PYE will guide and help 3online. Life these days is overwhelming but we are here to help you.

Five Easy Steps:

1. Daily communication with your child
2. Build trust so your child will come to you about anything, including sexual dialogue and pornography they may see online.
3. Don’t over-react. Instead engage, educate and empower your child against predators.
4. Know everything about online platforms that your children frequent including FB, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Gaming Apps.
5. A MUST: Use safety filters on your children’s phones, tablets, laptops, computers and all digital devices in your home.

We live in a chaotic digital world. Build trust on the ground and meet your children where they are. Build digital trust. It all starts with communication in your home.

Please view the documentary CHILDHOOD 2.0. It provides insight into the changing face of childhood in the highly vulnerable digital age with a special focus on the consequent problems faced by kids and parents. Available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and TUBI (Free)

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Regarding Women

Rape Does Not Justify Abortion – Here's Why [Video]

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Regarding Women

Liberal vs Conservative Reviewing 2000 Mules (ft. Destiny) [Video]

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Regarding Women

Baby Formula Shortage: The REAL Issues You're NOT Being Told [Video]

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