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Exploring Vulnerabilities of The Germanic Body – [Freedom Papers Ep. 22] [Video]

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Exploring Vulnerabilities of The Germanic Body – [Freedom Papers Ep. 22]

Morgan Zegers and Connor Clegg dissect Federalist Paper No. 19, written by Hamilton and Madison. Continuing to address the failures of the Articles of the Confederacy, this paper focuses on the current examples of confederacies, notably the Germanic body up to 1787.

Hamilton and Madison argued that although the Germanic body hadn’t fallen, it was rather mediocre and lacked enough structure to allow prosperity. The founders’ goal was to create a unified nation that was mindful of negative tendencies within human nature while still allowing for the potential of human excellence to prosper.

Join Morgan Zegers weekly on Freedom Papers for a conversation that focuses on the necessity of America’s most important manuscripts and the debates surrounding them!

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Educators Exposed

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Educators Exposed

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Educators Exposed

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