13 Questions on Jesus and Islam – Answered by Dr. Bart Ehrman [Video]

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13 Questions on Jesus and Islam – Answered by Dr. Bart Ehrman

Bart Ehrman makes an fascinating return to answer the Islamic perspective of Jesus. Enjoy this!

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00:00 Introduction
01:19 The Importance of the Resurrection of Jesus
03:59 Popular Beliefs on the Resurrection
05:18 Bart Ehrman Responds to the Islamic Crucifixion Narrative
07:30 Why Would Jesus not be Crucified?
10:57 Islam’s Strange Adoption of Crucifixion Denial
12:36 The Virgin Birth Should not be in Islam
15:18 Why does Jesus Give Life and Resurrect?
17:06 Was Jesus a Muslim?
20:18 Jesus Thought of Himself as the Last Prophet
21:41 What does Elijah Mean?
22:45 What Language did Jesus Speak?
23:24 What did Jesus call God? Did he say Father?
25:08 Did Jesus bring a “revelation” as the Quran claims?
28:00 If Islam were right, what would the Gospel be?
29:34 Is the Quran a reliable source on Jesus?
30:43 Bart Ehrman’s Feedback

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