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Nancy Pelosi Has a Huge Problem Within Her Own Party [Video]

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Nancy Pelosi Has a Huge Problem Within Her Own Party

Congressional Democrats appear to be turning on each other, with one even calling their party’s planned annual retreat “cursed” due to division within.

We don’t say these things lightly. The House narrowly avoided a government shutdown by passing a $1.5 trillion omnibus bill late last night around 10:00 PM, which is TWELVE HOURS later than the time for which the vote had been scheduled. Apparently, many House Democrats were not happy with spending cuts inside the bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was so flabbergasted, she curiously compared herself to a Biblical figure: “You’re telling Noah about the flood. I didn’t get what I wanted in the bill.”

The original language in the bill, drafted by Democrats, included another $15 billion in COVID relief funds, which would be paid for by clawing back previous COVID relief funds from states that had not used it. This provision did not sit well with some House Democrats as well as Republicans. Perhaps that’s why Speaker Pelosi put the bill up at 2:00 AM and called for a 10 AM vote, clearly knowing opponents to the provision wouldn’t have enough time to read and fully analyze the bill.

Even a number of House Democrats, who traditionally hate spending cuts, objected to this provision. The nearly 16 billion dollar relief language was ultimately cut from the bill in order to get it passed, leaving Speaker Pelosi and other House Democrats “heartbroken” that they didn’t get their way. Pelosi even released a letter last night blaming the removal of the relief funds on Republicans, glossing over the fact that members of her own party objected to the plan as well.

Her version of what happened does not align with a CNN report:

“At least a dozen Democrats threatened to revolt and paraded in and out of Pelosi’s office throughout Wednesday morning and into the afternoon, some noticeably upset and trying to avoid talking to the press. Some of the lawmakers spotted leaving Pelosi’s office include Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Debbie Dingell, both of Michigan, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida.

‘This deal was cut behind closed doors. Members found out this morning. This is completely unacceptable,’ Democratic Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota told CNN as she walked out of Pelosi’s office. Minnesota was one of 30 states at risk of losing Covid relief funding.”

The division among Democrats is palpable, despite the Speaker’s assertions to the contrary.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the Omnibus bill, as well as special guest Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee who joined us to discuss how we must move forward to overcome our current energy crisis.

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