The Qur’an is HOPELESSLY IRRELEVANT for Today! [Video]

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The Qur’an is HOPELESSLY IRRELEVANT for Today!

In this talk, Jay looks at the Internal Problems with the Qur’an, which starts with the Qur’an “as it is”, not asking questions of its historicity, or how it was compiled, or by whom, etc…

Jay is more interested in the question concerning whether this book, which is honoured and revered by nearly a fifth of the world’s population is relevant for them today, or any day, here or anywhere.

He begins by positing the preconceptions which Muslims claim concerning their Qur’an; that it is eternally preserved (Surah 85:22), unchanged (Surah 10:15; 18:27), and that it has been protected from any human accretions or deletions by Allah himself (Surah 15:9).

He then moves to the Contradictions pointing out that Surahs 4:82; 6:34; and 10:65 all say that God’s Word cannot have any contradictions. Yet, in Surahs 2:106 and 16:101 the law of Contradiction (also known as ‘abrogation’) stipulates that Allah uses contradictions and abrogations all the time.

In fact, Jay has found over 225 of them.

From there he went to the Scientific Errors in the Qur’an, including:

1) That mountains (S. 16:15; 21:31; 31:10; 78:6-7; 88:19) are not tent-pegs to keep the earth from shaking, since they are formed by volcanoes & tectonic plates, which create the shaking.

2) That (S. 86:5-7) semen doesn’t originate in the back or the kidney, an idea borrowed from Hippocrates in the 5th century BC.

3) That (S. 16:66) a cow’s milk does not come from between the excrement and the blood of the cow’s abdomen.

4) That (S. 16:69) honey, which gives healing, does not come out of the bee’s abdomen, but from the Honeycomb, in the hive of the bees.

5) That it is odd to find in (S. 65:12) the reference, “It is God who hath created seven heavens and as many earths.” We would love to know where the other six earths are?

6) That (S. 15:16-18; 37:6-10; 55:33-35; 67:5; 72:6-9 & 86:2-3) meteors and shooting stars are not missiles fired at eavesdropping jinn who seek to listen to the reading of the Qur’an in heaven, since they are made of carbon dioxide, vs non-material jinn?

Finally, Jay moved on to the greatest problem for the Qur’an’s relevancy, and that concerns thewhat it says about women:

1) Polygamy is permitted in S.4:3, where 1 husband can have up to 4 wives.

2) Inheritance in S.4:11 stipulates that ”the male’s is equal to that of two females”

3) The slavery of Women is permitted in S.4:24, where it says “Forbidden are women…except those [slaves] whom your right hand posses”

4) Wife Beating is allowed in S.4:34 saying that men may beat wives who disobey them, after first admonishing them, and then throwing them from their bed.

5) The Testimony of two women is equal to only one man in S 2:282, Bukhar1:301, where Muhammad said, “Is not the testimony of a woman equivalent to half the testimony of a man?”

6) In S 2:223 it states, “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will”, which permits marital rape.

And finally, Divorce is permitted only to the husband in S 2:230. Yet he cannot have her back again as a wife, until another has sex with her, consummates it, and then divorces her, known by Muslims as “Halala Marriage”.

All of these examples prove just how irrelevant the Qur’an is for anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

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