Was Women’s Submission Just a Curse to Be Overturned? Women in Ministry part 2 [Video]

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Was Women’s Submission Just a Curse to Be Overturned? Women in Ministry part 2

There are some REALLY important debates about Genesis 1-3 and what they say about God’s ideal for men and women and their relationships. Today I’m going DEEP on those issues. Here’s a small sample of what we’ll get into:

Does Genesis 1 giving dominion over the Earth to women as well as men mean that egalitarians are right in their contention that no authority differences based on gender should exist?

Does Genesis 2 have indications that before the fall, Adam had a leadership role in his relationship with Eve? Lots of debate on this issue!

Does Genesis 3:16, which says the husband will rule over his wife, actually mean that he will have control of her sexual desires? Dr. Linda Belleville argues for this.

Can we say that male leadership in a marriage is only the result of the fall, and we should therefore try to overturn it as much as possible just like we try to overturn other elements of the curse?

Was Adam a sexless being until after Eve was made? Dr. Phyllis Trible thinks so.

Does Adam show leadership of Eve by giving her a name?

Why is Adam made before Eve?

Why does Satan tempt Eve first?

Why does Adam seem to bear greater responsibility and consequences for the fall?

Was Eve meant to be Adam’s “savior” and not his “helper”?

Today’s video will be longer than usual, but I’m going to plow through a ton of content and I think it will give you simple clarity at the end, so don’t feel overwhelmed by all the issues and debates. I’m going to do my best to make it as clear as I can and help you walk away with solid understanding of the nature of men and women in the image of God and their relationship to each other, both before and after the fall.

Here are some resource links you might be looking for:

CLICK HERE ( for the first video in this series discussing how many people bypass the Bible completely on this topic.

CLICK HERE ( for Dr. David Freedman’s paper saying “ezer kenegdo” (helper fit for him) actually means “power equal to him.”

CLICK HERE ( for Dr. Mark Steven Francois’ video which gives the closest thing to a skilled breakdown of that paper that laymen can mostly follow.

CLICK HERE ( for Dr. Ramsay’s paper on “Is Name-Giving an Act of Domination in Genesis 2:23 and Elsewhere?” The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, vol. 50, no. 1, Catholic Biblical Association, 1988, pp. 24–35.

CLICK HERE ( for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them).

You can also find the videos and my notes freely available on my website:


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