FULL DEBATE | Is Islam True? | Apostate Prophet vs. Finding Truth [Video]

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FULL DEBATE | Is Islam True? | Apostate Prophet vs. Finding Truth

In this debate, hosted by @James is Tired, Apostate Prophet and Ahmed Eshraf (@Finding Truth) are debating the question: Is Islam True?

The original stream:

Time stamps:

00:00:00 Finding Truth Opening
00:10:28 Apostate Prophet Opening
00:20:48 Finding Truth Rebuttal
00:31:05 Apostate Prophet Rebuttal

00:42:09 Finding Truth Questions
00:47:45 Apostate Prophet Questions
00:52:51 Open Discussion

01:29:52 Finding Truth Closing
01:35:10 Apostate Prophet Closing
01:40:58 Q&A

02:06:27 Thanks

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