The Qur’an’s Manuscripts are SHOCKINGLY INCOMPLETE! [Video]

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The Qur’an’s Manuscripts are SHOCKINGLY INCOMPLETE!

The Qur’an’s earliest manuscripts have a lot to be desired. They should be some of the best preserved manuscripts of any archaic book, because they are purported to have been created in the mid-7th century, which is only 1400 years ago, and there are a number of complete Biblical manuscripts which predate these Qur’anic texts by 200 – 300 years.

Yet, when we look at the 6 earliest Qur’anic manuscripts we find some quite shocking conclusions!

-None of them are from the 7th century at all!
-None of them are complete
-None of them completely agree with each other
-None of them completely agree with the current 1924 ‘Hafs’ text
-All of them have 100s and even 1000s of subsequent ‘manuscript variants’
-So, where is that ubiquitous Uthmanic 652 AD Qur’an?
-And, when was the first complete Qur’an written?

There is no excuse for such deplorable manuscript examples. This is the greatest book in the history of mankind, according to Islam, which was sent by their Allah to correct and protect his word from being corrupted.

5 copies were created by Uthman in 652 AD and sent to 5 cities (Medina, Mecca, Basra, Kufah, and Damascus) so that the Qur’an would be preserved from corruption by any later Muslims.

Yet, we cannot find any of those 5 earliest manuscripts in any of those 5 cities…not ONE!

Furthermore, the earliest ones they were able to preserve do not come from Uthman, do not even come from Mecca or Medina, and are not complete, nor even agree with one another nor with the present Qur’an we read today completely.

Either the early Muslims were completely inept, or there never was an early Qur’an, and the later manuscripts which began to appear in the 8th and 9th centuries are attempts to create the Qur’an itself, with later accretions, deletions, and corrections being attributed to these manuscripts in order to create a standard text.

This doesn’t bode well for a book considered by Muslims as the “uncreated Word of God”.

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