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The Renewable Energy Fail [Video]

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The Renewable Energy Fail

Energy shortages, skyrocketing prices…

What’s made it worse?

The attempt to switch to cleaner, renewable energy.
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Everyone wants us to switch to renewables.

President Joe Biden says, “We can’t wait any longer!”

Johanna Neumann of Environment America says the U.S. should go 100% renewable energy.

But I see a problem.

Big Renewable Europe now scrambles to burn coal!


I explain in the video above.

Patriot Activists

Mark Meckler's opening remarks on Convention of States in the Montana legislature [Video]

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Patriot Activists

Man Who Stopped Mass Shooting With AR-15 Weighs in on Buffalo [Video]

Gun Owners of America (GOA) released a statement in response to the shooting in Buffalo, New York, which left ten people dead and three others wounded. GOA Spokesperson Stephen Willeford—the armed citizen who engaged and put a stop to the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooter (who was also wearing body armor) five years ago—released the following statement: “This weekend an evil individual murdered innocent Americans in order to ‘becom[e] infamous’ and spread his hateful ideology. Tragically, politicians and the anti-gun media played right into his trap by immediately sowing division and calling for more gun control laws. New York already has some of the strictest gun control in the nation, which failed to prevent this tragedy. Indeed, this murderer specifically targeted New Yorkers knowing that the state had virtually ‘outlawed’ concealed carry. As someone who used a firearm to stop a mass murderer, I know that the only thing that can stop an evil person with a gun intent on doing harm, is a good guy or gal with a gun. I desperately urge the state of New York to recognize the Constitutional right of the people to carry firearms for self-defense before the Supreme Court must force their hand in the coming months, lest another heinous attack occur! We all mourn these senseless deaths, but I especially want to commemorate the life of the heroic security guard who fired back and gave his life defending others, Aaron Salter. What happened to Aaron could well have happened to me. That is why I always urge those who carry for self-defense to train often and for all scenarios, including fighting back against those wearing body armor.”Join GOA: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter:

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Federal License To Possess & Do Away With Constitutional Carry [Video]

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FAMILY FEUD Funniest Moments with Joe Biden (Try Not To Laugh) [Video]

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