I was stirred on to write this article after researching backlinks of one of my favorite content creators. I quickly realized they did not have a website, some of their links were usurped by porn websites and domain names which would be relevant to their video content was purchased by a third-party who is currently hosting fake content. Ah, the insanity of the Internet. So, here’s a few tips I’d like to share … more to come most likely.  

  1. Build your own website utilizing like-minded professionals – it will get harder and harder to view your content as Google and big-tech continues to censor.
  2. Consider the purpose of your website and where you will host, purchase domains and how you’ll maintain security. 
  3. Please consider posting your video content on many different video platforms like Rumble, Odysee, BitChute and others – not just YouTube – and kindly use 3-5 targeted #searchterms along with a minimal of one descriptive paragraph text with your contact information along with any affiliate marketing information.
  4. Less is more with thumbnails – consider expressive faces with minimal text  
  5. If utilizing free voice, video and text chat apps please consider not storing your personal files on your hard drive. Consider purchasing secure, encrypted hard drives – preferably with keypad access. Additionally, consider your computer and turning off or minimizing spyware.        

My concern is for you – the harder things become the more people act irrational. Please lovey, do not allow this world to take your joy away. I cannot pretend to know your heart, but I’m well aware that if you’re found in the bosom of the Father then you will undoubtedly get through anything.


I find that even though I curate your videos onto the majority of videos are coming in from YouTube – not Rumble or Odysee – something I truly despise since YouTube and Google are so heavy-handed with blocking content they don’t like. And I will never purchase another product utilizing Amazon because of their dirty-dealings with Parler.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had the audacity to remove Parler from its servers prior to the 2020 elections – all to stop communications between Patriots and President Donald Trump. This was dirty, underhanded and a learning lesson for the rest of us to wake up and work together in truly building parallel economies.

I’m also noticing some of my absolute favorite content creators are suppressed more than others on – no doubt it’s because you are not afraid to expose Muhammad and the Islamic texts. I have my suspicions on many things related to search terms, algorithms and Civilizational Jihad – not to mention globalists intentions. Let’s just say I hope to aide appropriately in these Infowars while pointing others to Christ. This is why I will share tips of the marketing trade.

I no longer desire to engage on social media – it’s simply not advantageous. Initially I was spurred on by Barack Obama quoting Islamic texts (out of context) during speeches along with attacks on Christians over the gay marriage issue – something I am still opposed to but would never condone violence against any group of people over their ideology or lifestyle. Sadly, Islam and other radicals do not agree.

In the past, I always preferred building minimal websites to avoid security issues. Now it seems everything can be easily hacked – thus a reason you will no longer find membership information on – I dabbled in this years ago but was not 100% confident on the new CMS platform – and thus deleted this option along with ecommerce capabilities.

Finally, although I receive invites to Discord and other messaging platforms, I often wonder who owns the servers and where are they located? As a Christian marketer, I worked under the radar for clients for very specific purposes via – one of them being the awareness of hostility towards Christ and the need for anonymity with certain agencies.

I think this is enough for now – do you have any questions? I’d be happy to assist if I’m able. Kindly query me at: marypatriotnews[@]

Oh, while I’m at it: Truth Social please accept me already – I’m tired of waiting and now primarily I’m only utilizing Gettr.

GOP: kindly stop asking me for donations. I assure you I will assist if/when I am led to do so but will only assist fellow American patriots who understand we are in a battle for our culture and actually work to slow it’s decaying effects.

Blessings, Mary Budesheim



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