Archaeology: Interpreting the Desecrated Shrine at Lachish [Video]

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Archaeology: Interpreting the Desecrated Shrine at Lachish

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Kenneth R Samples and Dr. John Bloom discuss the Bible and its relationship to archaeology.

Meet Dr. John Bloom:

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Hatun is ARRESTED yet AGAIN! What was her crime? [Video]

Today, June 26, 2022, Hatun Tash was at Speaker's Corner as she normally is on any given Sunday. But today, something happened which gets me angry.She was wearing her customary Charlie Hebdo T-shirt, with a cartoon on the front and the back, and was holding up a Qur'an with holes punched through it with the outline of Mickey Mouse, not something I would do, nor would I recommend you do either. But for Hatun, this was just another Sunday afternoon.But, why was she wearing and carrying these seemingly offensive items for Muslims? For 2 reasons:1) To remind people of what happened to the editors of Charlie Hebdo magazine, and to remind the Muslims of the 'Holes in the Standard Islamic Narrative coined by Dr Yasir Qadhi two years ago when referring to the many problems with the argument for the Qur'an's preservation, an argument which Hatun is mostly responsible for when she found and bought 26 different Arabic Qur'ans back in 2016 and held them up at Speaker's Corner for the whole world to see.2) Speaker's Corner is considered by many to be the 'bastion of Freedom of Speech' worldwide, the last place where we can hold up items which are offensive to anyone, includng Muslims. So, Hatun uses and flaunts that freedom to preserve the freedom of Speech which so many of us have fought for and have come to love so much. She does it for us.So, today, while holding up her "holey Qur'an" a Muslim crept up behind her and grabbed it and ran off with it. Others in her team were blocked by other Muslims from running after him.Hatun, finally resolved with the fact that she wasn't going to see her Qur'an again, began to set up her camera equipment to begin her talk, when suddenly the police came, and began to arrest her, dragging her away against her protests, to the delight of the Muslims who began taunting her, and throwing things at her as the Police, holding her arms in a pincer lock, frog-marched her to the waiting police vans, whereupon they whisked her off to her prison cell where she remains even as I write.So, here is my question. They have charged her with "Suspicion of Criminal Damage", but what criminal damage has Hatun done?Watch the video and see if she has damaged anything which belongs to someone else. The Qur'an which was stolen was hers, not theirs. She bought it and has been taking it down to the Speaker's Corner for years. So, she is the victim here.Why then was she arrested, and why were the Muslims who stole her Qur'an (who then paraded it around the Corner after the police had gone), not arrested, or even questioned?An elderly Christian lady was knocked down during the arrest and hurt; so, why were the police not concerned for her safety, or the safety of Hatun's cameramen, who were jostled, pushed and shoved by the Muslims during the arrest?Either the British police are inept, or they are cowards, and only go after the weak ones, like Hatun, in the crowd, knowing that they can strong arm her and defuse the situation without having to anger the many more Muslims there.But what does that say about our freedoms to speak or even mock? And what now will happen to Speaker's Corner, now that the Muslims need only call the police every time Hatun annoys them, proving that her arguments are too difficult for them to answer, thus forcing them to hide behind the police in order to censure her.This is not a good day for 'freedom of speech', but an even worse day for the authenticity of the Qur'an or for any credibility Muslims may have hoped to gain for their treasured 'Holey book'!Getting Hatun arrested is not only cowardly, but will not stop her and others from continuing to publicly question the Qur'ans authenticity historically, and its relevancy for the 21st century.Let's continue to pray for Hatun, and support her, which you can do by simply going to her DCCI Ministries YouTube site where you can send her some money by using the PayPal button in the upper right hand corner (or go to this url:© Pfander Centre for Apologetics - US, 2022(66,020) Music: "New Beginning" by Rafael Krux, from filmmusic-io


Prophecy Update: This Is a Problem [Video]

Prophecy Update: This Is a Problem Pastor Tom Hughes & Curt Reed If you'd like to support our ministry, please visit: Connect with Pastor Tom! --- Facebook: https://www.facebo


Chris Evans Just Called Muslims “Idiots” (For Not Watching "Lightyear") [Video]

Get Atlas VPN: new Pixar film "Lightyear" has been banned in 14 Muslim-majority countries for including a same-sex kiss. When asked about the backlash against the film, actor Chris Evans (who plays "Buzz Lightyear") called the people who oppose the film "idiots" and compared them to dinosaurs. Does Disney agree with Evans?#ChrisEvans #Disney #AtlasVPN