Sijuwade & Oppy Discuss Grounding & God (feat. William Hasker & Susana Gomez) [Video]

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Sijuwade & Oppy Discuss Grounding & God (feat. William Hasker & Susana Gomez)

In his Philosophy of Religion class at Huntington University, Dr. Tedla Woldayohnnes invited Dr. Joshua Sijuwade to present his essay, “Grounding and the Existence of God” with a response from Prof. Graham Oppy. Prof. William Hasker and Dr. Susana Gómez were also participants in the discussion.

As for the format of this video, it opens with a 50-minute presentation from Dr. Sijuwade of his argument to the class, followed by a 50-minute dialogue between Sijuwade, Oppy, Hasker, and Gomez. Btw, sorry in advance for the poor quality of audio at times, Zoom certainly has its limits. In any case, please enjoy!

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