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Quillette’s Founding Editor On Starting The Most Controversial Magazine In The World [Video]

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Quillette’s Founding Editor On Starting The Most Controversial Magazine In The World

This episode was recorded on October 29th, 2021.

Claire Lehmann and talk about the success of Quillette magazine, left-wing authoritarianism, gender dysphoria, mentorship, stereotypes, social media, ingroup preference, moral reasoning, aggressive empathy, and more.

Claire Lehmann is the founding editor of Quillette magazine. She works with journalists whose kind of content or views make finding a platform difficult. Quillette has published exciting articles by Coleman Hughes, Rav Arora, Rob Henderson, and Kevin Mims—to name a few.


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[0:00] Intro
[0:54] What Is Quillette?
[6:39] Political Leanings & Staying Centered
[11:44] Mentorship Relationships
[15:18] Social Challenges
[20:19] Claire & Quillette’s Success
[26:13] Left-wing Authoritarianism I
[31:04] Stereotype Accuracy Research
[33:36] Left-wing Authoritarianism II
[35:51] Social Media & Unification
[44:35] Barrier Effects in Human Aggression
[51:43] Social Media & Wildfire Ideas
[58:12] Memes & Gender Dysphoria
[1:05:27] Media Pressure
[1:09:09] Quillette’s Growth Pattern
[1:12:39] Behind Reading Demographics
[1:17:07] Aggressive Empathy & Moral Reasoning
[1:24:49] Outro
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