Joe’s 11-Keys to understand the original “Proto-Qur’an”! [Video]

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Joe’s 11-Keys to understand the original “Proto-Qur’an”!

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Joe now poses a challenge for the Pfanderfilms audience.

We know that the present ‘Hafs’ Qur’an is a reworked text by the 8th – 10th century Abbasids borrowed from earlier Judeo-Christian lectionaries, hymns and homilies.

So, how can we get back to that earlier text, the book created by the Umayyads in the 7th – 8th centuries, or what we could call the ‘Proto-Qur’an’?

Joe has a key made up of 11 steps which he believes can unlock all of the problem verses and chapters in the Qur’an, which include:

1. Remember the word or phrase must harmonize with Mishnaic Messianism of the 7th century.

2. Open a word-for-word Quranic study resource, such as “Corpus Quranicum”, or “Qur’an Gateway”, both of which are on the Internet.

3. Consider that the words Allah/Alrahman/Alrahim were actually references to a trinity, made up of Father/Son/Spirit.

4. Apply the Tripartite Christology to the text (i.e. Prophet/King/Priest, or that Jesus was often the Angel in the Old Testament, and also referred to as the ‘Word’, and ‘Spirit of the Lord’).

5. Remember that the Oriental Orthodoxy at that time opposed Modalism (i.e. that all three persons of the trinity were together in Jesus like water/ice/steam). So, were the words or phrases confronting Modalism?

6. Remember also that the Oriental Orthodoxy opposed Tritheism (a team of 3 separate gods). So, could the earlier text be confronting this view? The word of trinity ‘Thaluth” is not found in the Qur’an, replaced with ‘Thalatha’ (the number 3).

7. Did the earlier text oppose Judaizer/Nazarene adoptionists (the idea that Jesus was adopted by God at his baptism, so a sort of Messiah, but not ‘the’ Messiah)?

8. Were these earlier texts representative of a Monophysite tradition in opposition to an ‘Apotheosis’ (what Joe suggests was a Mesopotamian Paganism, possibly Zoroastrianism)? An example of this was the word ‘sharkatul’ = associators, which he believes was against paganism, and not Christians, as the popular rendering of this term is used.

9. Were these earlier texts representative of Monophysite Christianity (i.e. the view that Jesus was only and entirely divine, but could appear as a human)?

10. If all of these 9 keys failed, then try to Cross-reference or look for alternative words. The example he used was the reference to “We make no distinction” could instead mean “we make no division”.

11. Finally, if you still cannot find the meaning, remove the diacritical marks and vowelization, and consider then a Judeo-Arabic meaning.

12. Once you have gone through all of the above 11, and you still cannot find the meaning of he word or phrase, contact Joe ( for a solution from Joe, and if he cannot find any, then the first to find a fault with this key will receive $500 from Joe!

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