Joe’s 11 Keys Enlarged & Applied. Try it, It’s easy… [Video]

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Joe’s 11 Keys Enlarged & Applied. Try it, It’s easy…

This is a follow-up to Joe’s previous video where he introduced 11 keys to help you understand what was initially in the book which then became the Qur’an during the Abbasid era.

In this video he points out the verses where you can find each of his arguments.

So, for instance, the Anti-Adoptionism References are found:
19:35, 23:91, 17:111, 25:2, 39:4, 2:116, 10:68, 18:4  No Adoptionism (itihad)
5:82 Judaizers (the Judas) bad, Nazarenes closest
5:51 Judaizers (the Judas) and Nazarenes not allies
57:27 Rahbanis are disobedient
9:30-31 Son of the Most High is a name above all other names and does not belong to just any Ezrah or the regular Messiahs.
19:88-92 The Father’s Walid is not the Beloved’s adopted.

While the Anti-Tripartite Christology References are found:
3:45 Jesus is God’s Name
4:171 Thalooth not Thalatha / Indeed Yakuna
5:75 & 3:144 Jesus-Muhammad-the Archangel of Archangels are ONE!
Surah 73 Annunciation

The Anti-Crucifixion References are found:
4:156 Celsus Romans
4:157 no one takes his life from him he gave it up willingly to the disciples, the Judeans only killed Adon Shubiha
3:52-55 the pharisees are El-Elah’s Helpers and The Father caused Jesus to die then raised him up to himself alive in Heaven.
Surah 86 The Pierced One
19:15, 33 Resurrected
5:17 & 72 Sabellian Modalism compared with Gnostic death cult

While the Anti-Nicene System references are found:
5:73 not Thalooth but is against Tritheism (The Father is the 3rd of 3)
5:116-117 Madonna & Child 2 Gods instead of the Father. The Son is subordinate to the Spirit
6:100-101 They attribute Genii (Nephilim) to him as family but the Father can have offspring without a Spouse because he is the originator of the heavens and the earth. No need tor Collyridian Mormonism.
72:3 Some Genii reject Adoptionism
90:3:3 Holy Spirit is the Biblically Neutral Begetter Nicene Creed Ousia & Apostolic Creed Holy Spirit vs Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople Creed. Here it is referred to in a Masculine way but these days it is feminine. The changeover was around this time and the Quran’s authors were probably not happy about the Gender reassignment which was taking place.
56:17:3 & 76:19:3 Wildan/Wildan is singular and refers to Jesus
19:19:8 & 52:24:3 Ghilman is singular and refers to Jesus
112:3 The Father is not the Begotten and did not Beget directly.
37:151-152 Walidallah does not refer to the Genii (Nephilim) or daughters
43:081 And Jesus has had no Walid (Gnostics)

Finally, the Anti-Christmas (Eid) References are found:
Surah 97 Christmas
5:115 Eid in the Islamic Quran
61:6 Eucharist
7:157-158 The Elijah Priesthood in communion with the Eucharist as Alter Christus, Alter Rebbe, Rosh Ma’amed, Principal Celebrant/Presider. The Light unto the nations, the prophet for the gentiles) as the Messiah and the Pastor co-celebrate the Eucharist so at the moment of consecration they are one. Hence it is possible to refer to the Pastor as the Celebrant even though the real Celebrant is the Messiah himself in both Hassidic Judaism and and traditional Christianity.

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