Regarding Men

Disrespect Pronouns, Get Money [Video]

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Disrespect Pronouns, Get Money

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Regarding Men

Roe v Wade: You Need To Know This Now [Video]

The US Supreme Court last week ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade. But what do Americans really think about abortion, and has it always been such a partisan issue or is it just another example of politicians using a complex situation for their own gain? #roevwade #supremecourt References now on sale for my 1 day event COMMUNITY in Hay-on-Wye. I'm joined by Wim, Vandana Shiva for conversations on spirituality, wellness, healthy living and our environment. Get your tickets Our Community HERE: To listen, subscribe to the Luminary Channel on Apple Podcasts at or on the Luminary app meditation and breath work, subscribe to my side-channel: Weekly meditation podcast, Above the Noise, is available now on Apple & Luminary

Regarding Men

Why Roe v Wade Was Overturned [Video]

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Regarding Men

Amazing Disgrace Documentary | @Jesse Lee Peterson Exposed as Sexual Super Predator [Video]

Formal statement by 21 Studios CEO video is a documentary and special assignment by Catholic organization @Church Militant exposing self-proclaimed Christian pastor @Jesse Lee Peterson as a homosexual predator and groomer of men.Republished with express permission from Church Militant via Michael Voris. Fully copyright and credit to Church Militant.Read the original article their website at https://www.churchmilitant.comSubscribe to their channel at https://21studios.comSupport the channel events videos https://21university.comMore exclusive content https://21studios.locals.comMerch https://www.the21store.comPodcast Women Great Again℠ https://22convention.comDownload the free 21 University app to watch our content early, ad-free, and censorship free. iPhone app Android app fight woke feminist big tech censorship:⠀1) Subscribe and click the bell.2) Like this video.3) Comment to feed the algorithm.4) Share on your social.5) Follow us on Rumble ADJ on Twitter us on Spotify us on Bitchute us on Odysee us on Gab us on Twitter us on Instagram us on Facebook LinksSubscribe to 21 Studios a channel member: to Red Man Group: donation to 21 Studios #JesseGate #AmazingDisgrace #jesseleepetersonsavagemoments #jesseleepetersondestiny #jesseleepetersoninterview #jesseleepetersonchurchmilitant #jesseleepetersondebate #jesseleepetersondocumentary #jesseleepetersonchurch #jesseleepetersonamberrose #jesseleepetersonwillsmith #jesseleepetersonsilentprayer #jesseleepetersondcyoungfly #jesseleepetersonsavage #jesseleepetersonbond #jesseleepetersonvs #jesseleepetersonand #jesseleepetersonandginojennings #jesseleepetersonanddcyoungfly #jesseleepetersonandtariqnasheed #jesseleepetersonandcandaceowens #jesseleepetersonandmiketyson #jesseleepetersonandiuic #jesseleepetersonandpaulandmorgan #jesseleepetersonandpastor #jesseleepetersonandhasanabi#MGTOW #Manosphere #MensRights #RedPill #men #man #menshealthSubscribe now: Patreon: RMG, and use Tactical Soap, use coupon code "RMG" at check out and get an additional 10% off: Follow RMG on Twitter: RMG on Facebook: RMG on Instagram: jar: 21 University support RMG:

Regarding Men

Buzz Lightyear’s First Gay Scene [Video]

Patriotic Apparel: http://officialhodgetwins.comSee Hodgetwins Live on tour: http://hodgetwinstour.comHodgetwins Children's book: Http://hodgetwins.bravebooks.comFollow Hodgetwins:Facebook: YouTube Channel:Politics: Hodgetwins Bio:Keith and Kevin Hodge, aka the Hodgetwins, are famously known for their comedic commentary regarding politics, fitness tips, and relationship advice across their several YouTube channels!