PART ONE – Panel Critique & Discussion on In Quest of the Historical Adam | EPS 2021 [Video]

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PART ONE – Panel Critique & Discussion on In Quest of the Historical Adam | EPS 2021

A carefully selected panel of scholars was asked to read and critique Dr. Craig’s book, In Quest of the Historical Adam. They presented their papers during a session at the 2022 annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Society.

Due to the length of the session, the video is presented in three parts. Part One covers an opening summary by Ken Keathley followed by the critiques of Hans Madueme and C. John Collins.

Moderator: Ken Keathley (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Panelists: Hans Madueme (Covenant College), C. John Collins (Covenant Theological Seminary), Michael Murray (Franklin and Marshall College), Leslea Hlusko (University of California Berkeley/CENIEH, Spain)

Following the panelists’ presentations, Dr. Craig offers his responses to each, followed by a time of Q&A with the audience.

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