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The week according to … Matt O’Connor [Video]

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The week according to … Matt O’Connor

Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor returns to the fold for our regular get-together, and this time we mainly focus on mens rights and issues.
We will discuss with Matt his recent appearance on New Culture Forum and his interview about how the new divorce law will be a disaster for the chaps and also his article in The Express highlighting hostility directed at men.
Matt will give us his thoughts about the report of the number of male teachers in the UK being at an all time low and what the implications might be before introducing us to his latest petition called ‘Archie’s Law’ which aims to make Parental Alienation and Contact Denial a criminal offence.
And right up Matt’s street is the Johnny Depp/Amber Turd trial and Fathers4Justice have taken a keen interest in this case with their eye-catching campaign headline ‘RISK OF DOMESTIC ABUSE’ and it will be interesting to hear his opinions on this case!
And we finish this episode with Elon Musk poking the hornets nest of Soros, Clinton, The Obama’s and Co who oppose the direction he is taking Twitter after Musk receives a letter saying the platform ‘risks becoming a cesspool of misinformation’.

Founder of the cutting-edge rock and roll brand The Icecreamists, Matt O’Connor is a true pioneer of uncensored, opinionated brands that push boundaries.
His résumé is as bold as his ice cream flavours and over the last 20 years includes work as a big brand communicator and creative director on some of the world’s leading brands, cocktail supremo, designer, film, theatrical and political projects, books and music.
There’s also the small matter of him being the founding father and frontman of the most contentious and high-profile pressure group of modern times, Fathers4Justice.

Fathers4Justice (F4J) is the UK’s leading fathers’ rights and shared parenting campaign group with over 18 years experience providing expert help, support and advice for thousands of fathers, grandparents and other family members going through the family courts, as well as winning shared and sole residency for countless dads.
They are fathers who have been through the system and won.
Follow Matt and F4J at and on Twitter and GETTR @F4JOfficial @StandUp4Boys

Originally broadcast 8.5.22

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