Mel #5: The Inscriptions with Qur’anic vss weren’t Original! [Video]

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Mel #5: The Inscriptions with Qur’anic vss weren’t Original!

Mel continues by noting that there are real problems with dating the ‘Dome of the Rock’ because, as A.J. Deus writes, the style of the Dome doesn’t match a 7th century environment.

The best way to date the Dome, he continues, is to follow the history “on the ground”, and observe the eye-witness accounts of people who traveled to the Dome, and wrote about it, describing what they saw.

You can’t get a better description of how the Dome looked like then asking the people who were actually there, whose dates we know, allowing us a pretty good idea of how it changed, and when.

Our primary interest, however, is when the large inscriptions above the outer arcade were created and placed within the Dome of the Rock, as they are Qur’anic verses, and until now, were assumed to be the earliest example of any Qur’anic verses, including especially the ‘Shahada’, which is the Statement of Faith for all Muslims and says ‘God is one, and Muhammad is merely a messenger of God’.

Up until now we all assumed this statement was first introduced on the Dome in 691 – 692 AD, created by Abd al Malik himself, so the earliest reference to the Shahada anywhere, and the first time that Muhammad’s.

Now, however, we are going to re-assess everything we’ve known about the origins of Islam and when the prophet’s name was introduced, and when the Qur’an was created, since these earliest inscriptions look like they weren’t that early at all.

1015 AD: Mel notes that in this year there was an earthquake which caused the Dome to fall, so it is unlikely that the inscriptions were able to withstand the damage.

1022 AD: The Drum which holds up the Dome as well as the outer arcade was refurbished, due to damage from the earthquake in 1015 AD. They had to redo the columns which held up the arcade.

Earlier the INNER ARCADE which holds up the dome had 8 pillars, whereas it now has 12 pillars (note the image Mel put up shows that it had 12 earlier, and then was changed to 16 columns).

The OUTER ARCADE which houses the Qur’anic inscription had 24 pillars, whereas it now has 16 pillars (note the image Mel put up shows that it had 32 columns earlier, and then was changed to 24 columns).

Nonetheless, what is important is that the Dome which stands today has quite a few different number of Pillars/Columns than it previously had.

Why is that significant? Because when you change or renew pillars or columns, which are the base for the arcades, you simultaneously have to destroy the arcades which rest on them.

So, certainly the current inscriptions couldn’t have existed prior to 1022 AD, when the columns and thus the arcades were refurbished.

1033 AD: In this year there were multiple earthquakes which would have damaged both the drum and the arcades which held it up, thus damaging the inscriptions as well.

1047 AD: The Persian known simply as ‘Nasir’ visited the Dome and when describing it doesn’t refer to any inscriptions, nor to any mosaics, but curiously did talk about to the beautiful woodwork inside the Dome. Yet, look at any picture of the interior of the Dome and you will not find any woodwork. It seems that the interior has since been changed substantially.

1092 AD: Al ‘Arabi, a native Arabic speaker, visited the Dome and described it in detail, but said nothing about any inscriptions. Why? Unless, of course they still didn’t exist that early.

1106 AD: The Russian Abbot Daniel also visited the Dome, and refers to the mosaics which sit at the top of the columns, but doesn’t mention any inscriptions.

1352 AD: John de Mandeville came to the Dome, described it, but also doesn’t refer to any inscriptions nor any mosaics.

Most curiously, however, he said that “It was simple and the Drum and Dome were twice as high as the building was wide”!

But look at any picture of the Dome of the Rock and you will see that the Drum and Dome are only 3/4 as high as the width of the building.

His description doesn’t at all sound like the Dome we have today, but a totally different structure.

Why is this significant? Because we are now between 600 – 700 years after Abd al-Malik and we still don’t have a building which is anything like the Dome of the Rock which stands today, suggesting that he was not responsible for either the Dome, nor the mosaics, and certainly not the famous Qur’anic inscriptions.

They must have been introduced much later, but when, and by whom? Stay tuned, as we have much more yet to introduce…

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