THE SYNODAL WAY: Is Francis Church Officially Going Gay? [Video]

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THE SYNODAL WAY: Is Francis Church Officially Going Gay?

The Globalist Pope continues to remove Christianity as an impasse to the New World Order.

In this edition of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt rips the mask off of Pope Francis’s Synod on Synodality.

Ever notice how the Vatican is long on listening but short on specifics? What exactly do they want to change, and why won’t they just come out with it?

Instead of telling us what he wants to do, Francis says he’s going to spend two years listening to us, so that when he makes radical “reforms” in 2023 he can claim he’s only doing what the people want. But, is that true?

Michael argues that what they actually want is to edit the Bible, ignore Natural Law, and silence Jesus Christ on the most controversial moral issue of the day: Homosexuality.

But are the people demanding change, or is this just what Francis wants to do? Watch this video and decide for yourself.

Relying on leaked footage from a recent Synodal preparatory video released by a Canadian bishop, Michael offers some thoughts on what’s really going on here: It’s either a tacit admission that Vatican II has been a massive failure, or it’s just bald-faced lie to push a revolutionary agenda.

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