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Sen. Marco Rubio: How the Chinese Regime Co-opts Our Elites & Weaponizes Our Systems | TEASER [Video]

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Sen. Marco Rubio: How the Chinese Regime Co-opts Our Elites & Weaponizes Our Systems | TEASER

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“If we think that the energy leverage Putin had over Europe was substantial, the leverage China potentially has over America and the West is extraordinary.”

I sit down with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, to discuss how the Chinese regime has been systematically co-opting our elites for decades and leveraging the American system against us, from our innovation to our laws to our free markets.

If the supply chain for any “key industries—ranging from medicine to fighter jets, from technology to food—if any of it comes from China, we should assume that that will be weaponized against us in the future,” Rubio says.

China’s extreme “zero-COVID” lockdowns and the subsequent supply chain disruptions are one of the main drivers of rampant inflation in the United States, says Sen. Rubio. “And this is something they didn’t intend to do. It’s just happening. Imagine if they intend to do it.”

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Sen. Marco Rubio: How the Chinese Regime Co-opts Our Elites and Weaponizes Our Systems Against Us

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