Mary Budesheim: Then and Now for Dating Events

Dear Friends,

As you already know, my name is Mary and I reside in Upstate NY (NY-21). What you probably do not know is that I am single and would like to meet other singles who are potentially interested in ‘dating events’ and looking to possibly marry. Although I currently reside in America, I am not opposed to living abroad. And how does one go about getting involved in international ‘dating events’ … is there a list somewhere? 😀

Anyways, my background is in Christian media relations, technology and broadcasting. I’ve have the honor to work with some of the most cherished people in Christian media – including local churches, Christian schools and more. As an example, please visit

Sorry, but I will not settle for any other type of relationship outside of two committed Christians working together to both Glorify God and Build His Kingdom. YOU would be a great fit for me if you are on-fire for our Lord Jesus Christ and your ministry or business would greatly benefit from the expertise of a marketing professional. A ministry/business is not required of you of course, but this is the area in which I could assist as a Christian ‘helpmate’.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent your life focusing on your trade, career or ministry – then realized one day that you were suddenly getting older and the world around you was changing. 😀 I’d like to share more about myself, but will only do so in a safe manner. Yesterday I recorded a video – but quickly realized I’m not interested in putting everything ‘out there’ for the general public. So, if you are a fellow single and would like to communicate further, please email me below. If you reside in another state or country your queries are also welcomed – I’d love to create videos for you answering any questions you might have. Until then, have a great day and may you find Peace in the Lord today!

Blessings, Mary Budesehim

Mary Budesheim – THEN

Mary Budesheim now

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I’ve always had a disdain of bullies. Injustices are everywhere and what politicians and bureaucrats have birthed out of our inner-cities is now everywhere. I was too young to do anything about the ‘long march into our American institutions’ but I certainly can shed light on its destructive after-effects on children and families in New York inner-cities.


Crack-Pipe Biden Policy vs Biblical Health and Wellness

Honestly, I’ve grown weary of the palpable weaponization of poverty and homelessness in our country. It’s a cudgel wielded by political parties living far away from the consequences of their poor planning and enflamed passions of ‘useful idiots’. It takes everything I have at times to pray for our leaders - especially when they use racism as a main tool in their divisive rhetoric.