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WHAT THE HELL is Going On in Taiwan?! | Louder with Crowder [Video]

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WHAT THE HELL is Going On in Taiwan?! | Louder with Crowder

Joe Biden announced a stunning new foreign policy stance regarding the defense of Taiwan against China… and the White House is walking it back. We go into the details of Biden’s brainfart and what it means. Also, people are catching Monkeypox, so that’s a thing now. And we’re back to canceling Dave Chappelle. #taiwan #china #monkeypox #DaveChappelle

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FBI Reveals Items Found In Trump's Safe [Video]

FBI agents Scoulder and Mully hold a press conference where they reveal the incriminating evidence found in Trump's safe. This raid was definitely justified.Become a premium subscriber: Official The Babylon Bee Store: shop.babylonbee.comFollow The Babylon Bee:Website:

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UNCOVERED: What do Trump and Indians Have in Common?? | Louder with Crowder [Video]

There have been further developments in the Trump raid. HINT: The media lied a lot, and the DOJ looks shadier than before. To help us make sense of it all, we have special guest DONALD TRUMP JR.! Also, the Oscars are apologizing to some Native American broad over something that happened fifty years ago. And we're using pubic hair to sell razors now! #TrumpRaid #FBI #littlefeatherCome See Standup! - MERCH! GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: MugClub to watch this show every day! to my podcast on iTunes: ME:Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: by @Pogo

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Ron DeSantis vs. Everyone: The Governor Who BROKE the Media | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 150 [Video]

NOTE: Portions of this video podcast have been edited to comply with YouTube's "community guidelines." For the full, uncensored version of this episode, watch on media hate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. These days, that’s a badge of honor. They love to accuse him of tyranny and authoritarianism, to scaremonger about how he wants to "destroy" democracy. But he’s unafraid to call out their lies and keep Florida on the front lines for freedom. When Disney tried to protest his Parental Rights in Education law, he stood his ground — and won. He did the same with CRT and woke prosecutors and has an exciting announcement about taking on ESG. Gov. DeSantis joins Glenn to break down his growing collection of wins, why he isn’t slowing down, and his advice for Republicans hoping to make a difference in their states.Sponsors:Better Spectacles is offering an introductory 61% off of progressive eyewear plus free handcrafted Rodenstock frames. Go to now to schedule a Tele-Optical appointment. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. This August, as all the kids are heading back to school, do some good by buying 100% American meat from Good Ranchers. Go to to join the movement today. You’ll get $30 off your order, get free shipping, and donate life-changing food to kids in need. If you're one of the millions of Americans who suffer every day from pain, try Relief Factor, a drug-free and natural way to get your life back. Go to for the 3-week quick start to try for only $19.95. Over the past 16 years, Preborn has positioned its clinics in the top abortion cities, where fifty percent of abortions take place. Preborn’s work of saving babies' lives will continue at an even greater level as the organization fights Planned Parenthood and now defends its centers from the radical hate groups, who want nothing more than to shut them down. To donate, dial #250 and say the keyword “BABY” or go to Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:

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AG Letitia James Campaigns on Destroying Trump [Video]

“Attorney General Letitia James openly campaigned on the policy of “Get and Destroy Trump.” This political attack on me, my family, and my great company is her despicable attempt to fulfill that cynical, and very corrupt promise. . . ."Read Article: SUPPORT so we can continue!!! Social: Page: Group: Group: Channel: Up "Deplorables" Website: