Was Adam a Cave Man? | Creation Q&A: Campus Edition [Video]

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Was Adam a Cave Man? | Creation Q&A: Campus Edition

If research says the first people were cave men, was Adam a cave man? What are cave men? And where do they come from? ICR geneticist Dr. Jeff Tomkins and ICR paleobiochemist Dr. Brian Thomas answer this question during a live Q&A session on a college campus.

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POPE TO APPROVE CONTRACEPTION (Is this your line in the sand?) [Video]

This RTV Spotlight is taken from the most recent Remnant Underground: "CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE". Full Episode Here: up for Catholic Identity Conference: this Spotlight, Michael Matt makes a guest appearance on Newsmax, and encounters another hopeful development regarding mainstream resistance against the radical leftist agenda of Pope Francis. But wait, there's more! Francis is signaling his intent to undermine Pope Paul VI's Humanae Vitae. So, here's the question: What's your line in the sand? Do you even have one anymore? Or are you going to just let somebody from Catholic Answers tell you that this is no big deal and that, in fact, approving contraception is what Jesus would do? Michael Matt reflects on the disturbing clip of Francis telling the world press that moral theology needs to change with the times, and that changing the Church's prohibition of artificial contraception certainly is on the table. "When that happens," Michael asks, "what are you going to do? Pray and obey?" Or will do as Newsmax's Chris Salcedo has done and publicly stand up to this most dangerous and destructive pope? Listen to Michael Matt's podcasts: SPOTIFY: APPLE: GOOGLE: If you'd like to contribute to RTV's expansion, please consider a donation: Stay Connected to RTV: Subscribe to The Remnant Newspaper, print and/or digital versions available: Subscribe to Remnant TV's independent platform:


Naomi Raine Of Maverick City Confesses To Having A Drinking Problem In Recent Forbes Interview [Video]

This isn't a haha I told you so kind of moment. I received backlash for the videos I did last year but I know what God was showing me in the Spirit and just like I said in that video in the snow he is exposing and uncovering it. Not to condemn or to bash but for it to be seen so we can learn from it and pray. Now that this has been confirmed from the source..... it proves God was telling me what He was telling me for a reason. So let's pray for her and the whole group. None of us are perfect. Here are the links to the older videos to keep a record of the prophetic word.