Lloyd#5: Shariah is So Cruel that it must remain a Secret! [Video]

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Lloyd#5: Shariah is So Cruel that it must remain a Secret!

Lloyd begins this segment by stating that in the West most Muslims know little to nothing about Shariah Law, and that shouldn’t surprise us, since even if they did know they are not permitted to speak to anyone outside of Islam concerning it, because that would damage Islam.

And how exactly would it damage Islam? Lloyd suggests that since Shariah law is so cruel and barbarous, especially by people living in the West who are familiar with ‘Judeo-Christian’ inspired law, it would pale in comparison.

For that reason, Shariah and the Qur’an, Lloyd continues, were only to be read by Muslims, and not by others outside of Islam. That is why often when we open a Qur’an in public Muslims try to take it from us, or ask us not to read it.

One can see why, as soon as they begin to read it, due to the many verses in the Qur’an which attack non-believers and invoke violence against them (i.e. Surahs 9:5, 29; 8:39; 47:4; 5:51, as well as the roughly 150 violent passages for other areas throughout, etc…).

The problem is that today Qur’ans are easily available today in English, permitting anyone to read these violent passages, thus the reason Muslims have an injunction not to reveal what these passages mean, or speak about Shariah Law, which, according to Lloyd is a ‘working out’ in real time of what the Qur’an instigates.

Lloyd then states that much of Shariah Law has been borrowed from the Babylonian Talmud, especially those passages which demand that it must be imposed by persuasion or by force.

The Sources for Shariah are:

•Islamic and Talmudic Jurisprudence: The Four Roots of Islamic Law and Their Talmudic
Counterparts – Judith R. Wegner (@844605)

•Was al-Shafii the Master Architect of Islamic Jurisprudence? – Wael B. Hallaq @164536

•Reliance of the Traveller / Umdat al Salik, Manual of Sacred Islamic Law

•The Hedaya

•The Brill Encyclopaedia of Islam, 13 volumes

•The Brill Encyclopaedia of the Quran, 6 volumes

•Digest of Moohummadan Law

•Ihya Ulum al Din

•Other authoritative legal and academic sources as required

In Surah 42:13 it states that all Muslims are to obey the ‘Deen’ of Muhammad, which abrogates the Shariah of Jesus.

It is unfortunate, Lloyd continues, that there are no early Arabic written texts for Shariah, so that Muslims have had to depend on earlier Jewish and Christian sources for their material (see Judith Wegner’s “Islamic and Talmudic Jurisprudence”).

Once the Muslims copied the material which they borrowed, they then destroyed the original documents from which they had borrowed them, leaving us no real sources to look at.

Nonetheless, Jewish and Muslim law are both similarly based on divine law, which they both believe is revealed to each prophet throughout the ages.

The Jews from 100 AD – 500 AD

The Muslims from 600 AD – 800 AD, and then added to up to 1300 AD.

The four legal scholars for the Shariah were known as “Mujtahid Mutlaq”.

Shafai explained it best when he stated that “The Sunnah expands upon the Qur’an” and that was why it is so important for Muslims today (taken from John Burton “The Sources of Islamic Law”)

Lloyd De Jongh’s Archives:

Full Research Archive link: @olders/1BGrC1fxB-ym-ZQ64TtfYEG0vQtYCOIL6

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Islamic and Talmudic Jurisprudence: The Four Roots of Islamic Law and Their Talmudic Counterparts – Judith R. Wegner @844605

Islamic and Talmudic Jurisprudence: The Four Roots of Islamic Law and
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