Lloyd#6: Don’t Insult the Prophet, ‘ON PAIN of DEATH’! [Video]

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Lloyd#6: Don’t Insult the Prophet, ‘ON PAIN of DEATH’!

In Islam there are 3 categories of authority, according to Lloyd. The highest is Al-Ghazali (d.1111), followed by the 4 scholars, the “Mujtahid Mutlaq” (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi and Hanbali), followed by the “Sheikh al-Islam” which number 30, and this hierarchy in Islam has an absolute authority for pronouncing judgement on others.

In the “Unsheathed Sword”, written by Ibn Taymiyyah (d.1328) one finds the punishments against anyone who insults the prophet of Islam. In chapters 1-3 it says clearly that anyone who insults the prophet must be killed, regardless of whether they are Muslim or a non-believer.

Even if they repent, they still must be killed, to which all 4 of the Mujtahid’s agreed. So there is no recourse for the guilty party. The Qur’anic support for this punishment can be found in Surah 8:39, according to Lloyd.

Lloyd also suggested that an insult-er can be lashed, but that this would continue until he was dead.

Ibn Qayyim, a student of Ibn Taymiyyah wrote the “Guidance to the Uncertain”, where he gave further instructions to Muslims stipulating that Muslims can insult Christians, but not the other way around.

In fact, in his book, there are copious denigrating and slanderous references against Christian, suggesting that the Christians urinated when they prayed and worshiped.

He also denigrated Jesus, saying that he came through a woman who urinates, defecates, and menstruates, and while in Mary’s tummy Jesus “wobbled” between these three places for 9 months.

Lloyd notes that this kind of slander against Christians and against Jesus have been practiced wholesale by Muslims ever since, proving there is a double-standard when applying insults in Islam, as it only is permitted one way.

Yet, when we simply quote these sorts of references, or even when we quote Muslim sources verbatim, we are punished for insulting the prophet.

Does anyone notice the irony with this law, or its application, suggesting that their prophet cannot take any form of insult, because he simply is not strong enough, or worthy enough to stand up to these insults.

Whereas Jesus Christ, for 2,000 years (including during his lifetime) was abused and denigrated, yet he continues to stand firm and resolute, remaining impervious to such insults.

There are no equivalent laws in Christianity against insulting Jesus, or our God, or our Bible, because they all three stand above any insults.

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