Logos vs. Will: The difference between Allah and God [Video]

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Logos vs. Will: The difference between Allah and God

Don’t let the modernist propaganda fool you – Christians and Muslims have very different conceptions of God. Christians believe in a rational God who’s consistent nature is reflected in creation and in His image-bearers, that is humanity. Muslims believe in an arbitrary Allah who has no consistent nature, changing his mind from day to day and ruling through will alone.

This fundamental difference impact how will approach questions of morality. James Schall explains “If God is Logos, it means that a norm of reason follows from what God is. Things are, because they have natures and are intended to be the way they are because God is what he is: He has his own inner order. If God is not Logos but ‘Will,’ as most Muslim thinkers hold Allah to be, it means that, for them, Logos places a ‘limit’ on Allah… if we want to ‘worship’ Allah, it means we must be able to make what is evil good or what is good evil. That is, we can do whatever is said to be the ‘will’ of Allah, even if it means doing violence as if it were ‘reasonable.'”

Lloyd de Jongh and ASK Truth join me live to discuss the difference between Logos and will, between God and Allah.

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